Turkey at the 1948 Summer Olympics

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Turkey at the
1948 Summer Olympics
Flag of Turkey.svg
IOC code TUR
NOC Turkish National Olympic Committee
Website olimpiyat.org.tr (in English) (in Turkish)
in London
Competitors 58 in 7 sports
Ranked 7th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
6 4 2 12
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
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1906 Intercalated Games

Turkey competed at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, England. 58 competitors, 57 men and 1 woman, took part in 42 events in 7 sports.[1]


Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Akar, NasuhNasuh Akar Wrestling Men's Freestyle 52 – 57 kg (bantamweight)
 Gold Bilge, GazanferGazanfer Bilge Wrestling Men's Freestyle 57 – 63 kg (featherweight)
 Gold Atik, CelalCelal Atik Wrestling Men's Freestyle 63 – 67 kg (lightweight)
 Gold Dogu, YasarYasar Dogu Wrestling Men's Freestyle 67 – 73 kg (welterweight)
 Gold Kireççi, AhmetAhmet Kireççi Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman + 87 kg (super heavyweight)
 Gold Oktav, MehmetMehmet Oktav Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman 57 – 61 kg (featherweight)
 Silver Balamir, HalitHalit Balamir Wrestling Men's Freestyle - 52 kg (flyweight)
 Silver Candemir, AdilAdil Candemir Wrestling Men's Freestyle 73 – 79 kg (middleweight)
 Silver Olcay, KenanKenan Olcay Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman - 52 kg (flyweight)
 Silver Tayfur, MuhlisMuhlis Tayfur Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman 73 – 79 kg (middleweight)
 Bronze Kaya, HalilHalil Kaya Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman 52 – 57 kg (bantamweight)
 Bronze Sarıalp, RuhiRuhi Sarıalp Athletics Men's Triple Jump



Four cyclists, all male, represented Turkey in 1948

Individual road race
Team road race



Six fencers, all men, represented Turkey in 1948.

Men's foil
Men's sabre
Men's team sabre



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