Turkey at the 1956 Summer Olympics

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Turkey at the
1956 Summer Olympics
Flag of Turkey.svg
IOC code TUR
NOC Turkish National Olympic Committee
Website olimpiyat.org.tr (in English) (in Turkish)
in Melbourne/Stockholm
Ranked 12th
Gold Silver Bronze Total
3 2 2 7
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
Other related appearances
1906 Intercalated Games

Turkey competed at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia and Stockholm, Sweden (equestrian events).


Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Bayrak, MithatMithat Bayrak Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman Welterweight
 Gold Dağıstanlı, MustafaMustafa Dağıstanlı Wrestling Freestyle Bantamweight
 Gold Kaplan, HamitHamit Kaplan Wrestling Freestyle Heavyweight
 Silver Doğan, RızaRıza Doğan Wrestling Greco-Roman Lightweight
 Silver Zengin, İbrahimİbrahim Zengin Wrestling Freestyle Welterweight
 Bronze Eğribaş, Dursun AliDursun Ali Eğribaş Wrestling Greco-Roman Flyweight
 Bronze Akbaş, HüseyinHüseyin Akbaş Wrestling Freestyle Flyweight