Turkish Academic Network and Information Center

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Turkish Academic Network and Information Center
Ulusal Akademik Ağ ve Bilgi Merkezi
PurposeAcademic information
HeadquartersYÖK Binası B5 Blok
Coordinates39°52′37″N 32°45′45″E / 39.87694°N 32.76250°E / 39.87694; 32.76250Coordinates: 39°52′37″N 32°45′45″E / 39.87694°N 32.76250°E / 39.87694; 32.76250
Parent organization
Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK)

The 'Turkish Academic Network and Information Center (Turkish: Ulusal Akademik Ağ ve Bilgi Merkezi), shortly ULAKBIM, was founded as a research and development facility institute of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) in Bilkent, Çankaya of Ankara, Turkey in 1996.[1]

ULAKBIM’s main objectives have been set as operating a high speed computer network enabling interaction within the institutional elements of the national innovation system, and providing information technology support and information services to help scientific production. ULAKBIM aims at providing technological facilities such as computer networks, information technology support, and information and document delivery services, to meet the information requirements of universities[2] and research institutions,[3] and to increase the efficiency and productivity of their end users.[4]

Since February 1998, ULAKBIM consists of National Academic Network (Turkish: Ulusal Akademik Ağ, ULAKNET) Unit, which undertakes the task of formation and operation of research and education network infrastructure in Turkey, and Cahit Arf Information Center (Turkish: Cahit Arf Bilgi Merkezi), which provides information and document supply services nationwide.[5]


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