List of formations of the Turkish Army 2008

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This is a provisional list of formations of the Turkish Army as of 2008. It needs further authoritative corroboration. [1]

A formation is a military organization that includes a mixture of its own ('organic') and operationally attached sub-units, and is usually combat-capable.

List of formations of the Turkish Army 2008 is located in Turkey
2nd (1)
2nd (1)
3rd (1)
3rd (1)
5th (1)
5th (1)
6th (2)
6th (2)
7th (2)
7th (2)
8th (2)
8th (2)
4th (3)
4th (3)
9th (3)
9th (3)
Turkish Army corps locations
Key: 2nd (1) - 2nd Corps, 1st Army

First Army[edit]

First Army is based in Selimiye Barracks, Istanbul

2nd Corps[edit]

2nd Corps has its headquarters at Gelibolu, Çanakkale/Edirne

3rd Corps[edit]

3rd Corps is based in Şişli/ Istanbul (NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Turkey, responsible to SACEUR)

  • 52nd Tactical Armored Division (Hadımkoy)[2]
    • 1st Armored Bde (Hadımkoy/ Istanbul)
    • 2nd Armored Bde (Kartal/Istanbul)
    • 66th Motorized Infantry Bde (Hasdal/Istanbul)

5th Corps[edit]

5th Corps is based in Çorlu/ Tekirdag

  • 3rd Armored Bde (Çerkezköy/ Tekirdag)
  • 95th Armored Bde (Malkara/Tekirdag)
  • 8th Mechanized Infantry Bde (Tekirdağ)
  • 105th Artillery Regiment

Second Army[edit]

Second Army is based in Malatya

6th Corps[edit]

6th Corps is based in Adana

7th Corps[edit]

7th Corps is based in Diyarbakır

8th Corps[edit]

8th Corps is based in Elazig

  • 20th Armored Bde (Şanlıurfa)
  • 172nd Armored Bde (Kahramanmaraş; appears to have moved in mid-2008 to Silopi[4])
  • 108th Artillery Regiment

1st Commando Bde[edit]

1st Commando Brigade is based in (Kayseri) (besides that unit also an air force Para-Bde in Kayseri).

3rd Commando Bde[edit]

Based in (Siirt)

Hakkari Mountain and Commando Bde[edit]

Hakkari Mountain and Commando Bde is based in (Hakkari)

Third Army[edit]

Third Army is based in (Erzincan)

4th Corps[edit]

4th Corps is based in (Ankara)

9th Corps[edit]

9th Corps is based in Erzurum.

2nd Commando Bde[edit]

Based in Bolu

4th Commando Bde[edit]

Based in Tunceli

Unidentified Special Forces Regiment[edit]

Based in Gökçeada and Bozcaada

Aegean Army[edit]

Based in Izmir

11th Motorized Infantry Bde[edit]

Based in Denizli

19th Motorized Infantry Bde[edit]

Based in Edremit/Balıkesir

1st Training Infantry Bde[edit]

Based in Manisa

3rd Training Infantry Bde[edit]

Based in(Antalya

57th Artillery Bde[edit]

Based in İzmir

Cyprus Turkish Peace Force[edit]

11th Corps[edit]

11th Corps

14th Armored Bde[edit]

Based in (Asya)

28th Mechanized Infantry Div[edit]

Based in (Gazimağusa)

39th Mechanized Infantry Div[edit]

Based in Güzelyurt

Cyprus Special Forces Regiment[edit]


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