Turkish Cypriot Protestants and Anglicans

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Protestants and Anglicans are a very small community living in the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and amongst the Turkish Cypriot diaspora. The adherents of theses churches numbers around two hundred and can be found living throughout northern Cyprus. The leader and Pastor of the community is Kemal Başaran.[1] The vast majority are Anglican and use Anglican churches in the Kyrenia area along with the island's British expatriate community. However, in recent years, the community are demanding their own Church. Despite the general tolerance of the native Turkish Cypriot community, the community faces threats and sometimes attacks at the hands of mainland Turkish settlers and by island nationalists. In an interview with Havadis Gazette, Pastor Başaran said: "The Turkish Cypriots who belong to various religions in our country want to live freely with their religions. The Turkish Cypriots, the Bulgarian Turks and the Turks from Turkey, who are Protestants and consist of approximately 200 families, demand a church where they would be able to practise freely their worship."The Protestants living in the occupied areas demand a church where they would be able to practise freely their worship The roots of the community lie in the period of British rule in Cyprus.

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