Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo

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Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo
Kosova Türk Demokratik Partisi
Leader Mahir Yağcılar
Founded 19 July 1990 (as TDU)
Headquarters Sheshi e Lidhjes No:47, 20000
Prizren, Kosovo
Ideology Turkish nationalism,
Social conservatism,
Economic liberalism
Political position Centre-right
Colours Red, white
2 / 120
Kosova Türk Demokratik Partisi
Coat of arms of Kosovo.svg
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The Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo (Turkish: Kosova Demokratik Türk Partisi) is a conservative political party in Kosovo that represents the Turkish minority. It is led by Mahir Yağcılar, the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning in Hashim Thaçi government.

It was founded as Turkish Democratic Union (Türk Demokratik Birliği) on 19 July 1990 in Prizren and changed its name to the Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo on 20 June 2001 under UNMIK. The party's seat is in Prizren and has Mamuša as a stronghold. The party maintains close ties with AK Parti, the conservative ruling party of Turkey.

At the 2004 legislative elections, the Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo won 1.2% of the popular vote and 3 out of 120 seats. At the 2007 elections, the party kept its 3 seats in the Assembly of Kosovo, one being from the main list of candidates (Mahir Yağcılar) and two being seats reserved for the Turkish minority (Enis Kervan, Müfera Şinik).


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