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Turkey Turkish Venezuelan Venezuela
Total population
(0.3% of the Venezuelan population)
Regions with significant populations
Caracas, Valencia, Maracay, Puerto La Cruz.
Venezuelan Spanish, Turkish
Related ethnic groups
Turkish diaspora,
Turkish Brazilians, Turkish Americans, Turkish Canadians

Turks in Venezuela or Turkish Venezuelans (Turkish: Venezüella Türkleri) are Turkish people who have immigrated to Venezuela. However, the term also refers to Venezuelan-born persons who have Turkish parents or who have a Turkish ancestral background. The Turkish community is largely made up of immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants, born in the Ottoman Empire before 1923, in the Republic of Turkey since then, or in neighbouring countries once part of the Ottoman Empire that still have some Turkish population.[2][3] An estimated 30,000 Turkish Venezuelan people live in the country.[4]


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