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Turkish Venezuelans
Total population
5-30 thousand
Regions with significant populations
Caracas, Valencia, Maracay, Puerto La Cruz.
Venezuelan Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Aramaic, Assyrian, Kurdish, Hebrew
Christianity: Armenian Apostolic Church, Maronite Church, Eastern Catholicism, Oriental Orthodoxy, Assyrian Church of the East, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam: Allawite, Druze religion, Ismailiism, other Shiite, Sunnism, Sufiism
Related ethnic groups
Turkish diaspora,
Jordanian diaspora, Syrian diaspora, Israeli diaspora. Palestinian diaspora, Iraqi diaspora)

Turks in Venezuela or Turkish Venezuelans (Turkish: Venezüella Türkleri) are Turkish people who have immigrated to Venezuela. However, the term also refers to Venezuelan-born persons who have Turkish parents or who have a Turkish ancestral background. The Turkish community is largely made up of immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants, born in the Ottoman Empire before 1923, i.e. peoples of modern-day Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine/Israel, Syria with parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and north Africa. [1][2]