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Turkish Women's First Football League
Kadınlar 1. Futbol Ligi
TFF Women's Football logo.jpg
Country  Turkey
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1994
Divisions 1
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Kadınlar 2. Futbol Ligi
International cup(s) UEFA Champions League
Current champions Beşiktaş J.K. (1st title)
Most championships Dinarsuspor, Konak Belediyespor (4 titles)
Website Womens League TFF
2016–17 Turkish Women's First Football League

The Turkish Women's First Football League (Turkish: Kadınlar 1. Futbol Ligi) is the top level women's football league of Turkey. Eight teams play a double round robin to decide a champion, which qualifies for a spot in the UEFA Women's Champions League.

The league gains little attention in Turkey, and most matches are watched only by relatives of the team's players.[1] Fashion One TV became the official media sponsor of the league for the 2010–11 season.[2]


In an effort to increase quality of the league, in the 2009–10 season two teams were relegated and four teams were promoted to the first league. Thus, the 2010–11 season consisted of twelve teams.[3] After playing two groups with six teams and then having a championship and relegation group, the 2012–13 season was played as a double-round robin with ten teams again. The winner after 18 games is the champion and qualifies for the UEFA Women's Champions League, the bottom two teams get relegated.


At the end of the 2013–14 season, the Women's Second League teams İlkadım Belediyesi Yabancılar Pazarı Spor (Samsun), Karşıyaka BESEM Spor (Izmir), Eskişehirspor (Eskişehir) and Gazikentspor (Gaziantep) were promoted to the Women's First League after winning the play-offs.[4] Marmara Üniversitesi Spor (Istanbul) and İzmit Çenesuyu Plajyoluspor (İzmit) were relegated to the Second League.

1207 Antalya Muratpaşa Belediye Spor (Antalya) and Kireçburnu Spor (Istanbul) were promoted from the Second League to the First League at the end of the 2014–15 season. Derince Belediyespor (Derince, Kocaeli) and Karşıyaka BESEM Spor (Izmir) were relegated to the Second League.

The Second League's 2015–16 season ended with Beşiktaş J.K. from Istanbul and Amasya Eğitim Spor from Amasya promoted to the First League. Gazikentspor from Gaziantep and Eskişehirspor from Eskişehir were relegated to the Second League.

2016–17 season[edit]

Season 2016–17
Team Hometown 2015/16 finish
1207 Antalya Muratpaşa Belediye Spor Antalya 4th
Adana İdmanyurduspor Adana 7th
Amasya Eğitim Spor Amasya 122nd, 2. Ligi
Ataşehir Belediyespor İstanbul 2nd
Beşiktaş J.K. İstanbul 111st, 2. Ligi
İlkadım Belediyesi Yabancılar Pazarı Spor Samsun 8th
Kdz. Ereğlispor Karadeniz Ereğli 6th
Kireçburnu Spor İstanbul 5th
Konak Belediyespor İzmir 1st
Trabzon İdmanocağı Trabzon 3rd

Past winners[edit]

2013–14 Women's First League match Ataşehir Belediyespor (red) vs Kdz. Ereğlispor (blue)
2013–14 Women's First League match Marmara Üniversitesispor (blue/black) vs Konak Belediyespor (red)
2014–15 Women's First League match Ataşehir Belediyespor (white/red) vs Adana İdmanyurduspor (red/blue)
2014–15 Women's First League match Ataşehir Belediyespor (red) vs İlkadım Belediyesi Yabancılar Pazarı Spor (white/navy)
2015–16 Women's First League match Kireçburnu Spor (green/yellow) vs 1207 Antalya Muratpaşa Belediye Spor (orange/black)
Season[5] Champions Runners-up
1993–94 Dinarsuspor Acarlarspor
1994–95 Dinarsuspor Acarlarspor
1995–96 Dinarsuspor Gürtaşspor
1996–97 Dinarsuspor Istanbul Sitespor
1997–98 Zara Ekinlispor
1998–99 Zara Ekinlispor
1999–00 Delta Mobilyaspor Marshall Boyaspor
2000–01 Kuzeyspor Zeytinburnuspor
2001–02 Samsungücü Zeytinburnuspor
2002–03 Samsungücü Gazi Üniversitesispor
2003–06 No league
2006–07 Gazi Üniversitesispor Mersin Camspor
2007–08 Gazi Üniversitesispor Bucaspor
2008–09 Trabzonspor Bucaspor
2009–10 Gazi Üniversitesispor Trabzonspor
2010–11[6] Ataşehir Belediyespor Konak Belediyespor
2011–12[7] Ataşehir Belediyespor Kdz. Ereğlispor
2012–13[8] Konak Belediyespor Ataşehir Belediyespor
2013–14[9] Konak Belediyespor Ataşehir Belediyespor
2014–15[10] Konak Belediyespor Ataşehir Belediyespor
2015–16[11] Konak Belediyespor Ataşehir Belediyespor
2016–17 Beşiktaş J.K. Konak Belediyespor

Winners by team[edit]

Club Titles Runners-up
Konak Belediyespor 4 2
Dinarsuspor 4
Gazi Üniversitesispor 3 1
Ataşehir Belediyespor 2 4
Zara Ekinlispor 2
Samsungücü 2
Trabzonspor 1 1
Delta Mobilyaspor 1
Kuzeyspor 1
Beşiktaş J.K. 1

Foreign players[edit]

Top scorers[edit]

Season Player Club Goals Matches Goals per Match
2009–10 Turkey Reyhan Şeker Gazi Üniversitesispor 32 18 1.78
2010–11 Turkey Sevgi Çınar Adana İdmanyurduspor 26 22 1.82
2011–12 Turkey Merve Aladağ Ataşehir Belediyespor 27 21 1.39
2012–13 Romania Cosmina Dușa Konak Belediyespor 32 17 1.88
2013–14 Romania Cosmina Dușa Konak Belediyespor 15 18 0.83
2014–15 Romania Cosmina Dușa Konak Belediyespor 33 17 1.94
2015–16 Turkey Arzu Karabulut Trabzon İdmanocağı 23 17 1.35

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