Turkish Wushu Federation

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Turkish Wushu Federation
Abbreviation TWF
Formation 2006
Type Sports federation
Headquarters Ulus, Ankara, Turkey
Coordinates 39°56′30.85″N 32°51′15.60″E / 39.9419028°N 32.8543333°E / 39.9419028; 32.8543333Coordinates: 39°56′30.85″N 32°51′15.60″E / 39.9419028°N 32.8543333°E / 39.9419028; 32.8543333
Ebubekir Hocaoğlu
Affiliations European Wushu Federation
Website http://www.twf.gov.tr/

Turkish Wushu Federation (Turkish: Türkiye Wushu Federasyonu, TWF) is the governing body for wushu in Turkey. It aims to govern, encourage and develop the sport for all throughout the country.


TWF has been established in 2006. First president of the TWF is Ebubekir Hocaoğlu. TWF is a member of the European Wushu Federation.

The federation organizes the national wushu events, and European and World championships hosted in Turkey.

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