Turkish detainees at Guantanamo Bay

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The United States Department of Defense acknowledges holding five Turkish captives in Guantanamo.[1] A total of 778 captives have been held in extrajudicial detention in the Guantanamo Bay detention camps, in Cuba since the camps opened on January 11, 2002 The camp population peaked in 2004 at approximately 660. Only nineteen new captives, all "high value detainees" have been transferred there since the United States Supreme Court's ruling in Rasul v. Bush. As of July 2012 the camp population stands at 168.

Celikgogus v. Rumsfeld[edit]

Several released Turkish captives have filed a lawsuit against the USA for their detention -- Celikgogus v. Rumsfeld.[2]

Turkish captives acknowledged by the DoD[edit]

isn name arrival
61 Murat Kurnaz 2002-02-15 2006-08-24
  • Born in Germany to parents who were long-term Turkish guest workers, had recently applied for German citizenship.
  • Taken off a bus full of Tablighi Jamaat pilgrims because he was a foreigner.
  • Allegedly friends with a suicide bomber, who turned out to be still alive.
  • Allegedly captured in Tora Bora.
  • Abused by German special forces in Afghanistan.
  • German Chancellor personally requested his return from the US President.
291 Yuksel Celik Gogus 2003-11-18
“They will come and take me away if I say what happened in Guantánamo.”[3]
297 Ibrahim Shafir Sen 2003-11-18
298 Salih Uyar 2002-02-15 2005-04-18
543 Mahmud Nuri Mart 2002-02-15 2004-03-31


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