Turkish motorcycle Grand Prix

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Turkish Grand Prix
Istanbul park.svg
Grand Prix motorcycle racing
Venue Istanbul Park
First race 2005
Last race 2007
Most wins (rider) Marco Melandri, Casey Stoner (2)
Most wins (manufacturer) Honda (5)

The Turkish Motorcycle Grand Prix was a motorcycling event that was part of the World Motorcycle Racing season.

The races were held in İzmit Körfez Circuit,[1] Kocaeli Province and Pınarbaşı Racing Circuit,[2] İzmir.

The inaugural race was held in 2005 after the Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix was scrapped from the calendar.[3][4][5] However, after only three years, the race was taken off the calender due to financial troubles. The Istanbul Park circuit had problems raising the money to stage a MotoGP round every year, and the local authorities refused to help with the funding of the race, despite the boost it gave to the local economy.[6][7] After the venue was taken over by now ex-Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone and DORNA chairman Carmelo Ezpeleta said that no decision was taken about including the Turkish GP into the 2008 calendar, the race was dropped and replaced by the Portuguese Grand Prix, who was moved to the now empty Turkey slot after the Indianapolis Grand Prix was confirmed.[8][9]

Winners of the Turkish Motorcycle Grand Prix[edit]

Multiple winners (riders)[edit]

# Wins Rider Wins
Category Years won
2 Italy Marco Melandri MotoGP 2005, 2006
Australia Casey Stoner MotoGP 2007
250 cc 2005

Multiple winners (manufacturers)[edit]

# Wins Manufacturer Wins
Category Years won
5 Japan Honda MotoGP 2005, 2006
250 cc 2006, 2007
125 cc 2005
3 Italy Aprilia 250 cc 2005
125 cc 2006, 2007

By year[edit]

Year Track 125 cc 250 cc MotoGP Report
Rider Manufacturer Rider Manufacturer Rider Manufacturer
2007 Istanbul Park Italy Simone Corsi Aprilia Italy Andrea Dovizioso Honda Australia Casey Stoner Ducati Report
2006 Istanbul Park Spain Héctor Faubel Aprilia Japan Hiroshi Aoyama Honda Italy Marco Melandri Honda Report
2005 Istanbul Park France Mike di Meglio Honda Australia Casey Stoner Aprilia Italy Marco Melandri Honda Report


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Coordinates: 40°57′06″N 29°24′18″E / 40.95167°N 29.40500°E / 40.95167; 29.40500