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Turkmeneli (Turkish: Türkmeneli, lit. 'Land of the Turkmens'[1]) or Turcomania is the territory claimed as homeland by the Turkic people of Iraqi Turkmens, notably the Iraqi Turkmen Front.

Stretching from the Syrian border in the north to the Iranian border in Central Iraq, the region claimed as Turkmeneli lies between the Arabic areas of settlement to the south and Kurdish areas to the north.[2] It is thought to include within its boundaries Kirkuk, Tel Afar, Mandali, Mosul, and Tuz Khormato,[3][1] with Kirkuk being considered the capital of Turkmeneli.[4] Some sources even claim Erbil and Salah ad-Din.[2]

The proposal for setting up a Turkmen autonomous region has been considered highly controversial.[5] On 17 July 2017, Turkmens proposed that Tel Afar and Tuz Khurmatu to become an autonomous Turkmen region and asked for a "special status" for Kirkuk in a summit in Baghdad under the name "Future of Turkmens in United Iraq".[6]Also asked to "training and equipping the Turkmen Hashd al-Shaabi forces."[7]



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