Turks in Ireland

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Turks in Ireland
İrlanda Türkleri
Total population
(Several thousand[1]
est. 2,000-3,000[2])
Regions with significant populations
Dublin, Limerick
Turkish, English
Islam, Other
A Turkish food market in Capel Street, Dublin.
A Turkish barber shop in Cork.

Turks in Ireland (Turkish: İrlanda Türkleri, Irish: Turcaigh in Éirinn) are Turkish people who live in Ireland having been born elsewhere, or are Irish-born, but have Turkish roots. By Turkish roots, this could mean roots linking back to Turkey, the island of Cyprus or the communities of the Turkish diaspora.


According to the 2011 Irish census, there are 1,029 Turkish nationals living in Ireland.[3] During the time of a 2005 strike against the GAMA Turkish Construction Company, socialist news websites reported that they alone employed 900[4][5][6] to 2,000[7] Turkish workers. The Turkish embassy may have an investment in down-playing the number of Turks in Ireland given the negative reception of Turks in other European countries, such as German Turks, Dutch-Turks and French-Turks.[2] Thus, overall the number of Turkish descendants living in Ireland is estimated at 2,000-3,000.[2]

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