Turks in Serbia

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Turks in Serbia
Total population
(647 (2011 census)[1]
plus a further 2,194 Turkish citizens (2009)[2])
Regions with significant populations
Belgrade, Sandzak
Turkish, Serbian
Sunni Islam

Turks in Serbia, also known as Serbian Turks are people of Turkish ancestry present in Serbia. Turks have lived on this territory since the Ottoman period. The Turkish minority has traditionally lived in the urban areas of Serbia, however in 1830, when Serbia was granted an autonomous region, many Turks emigrated as "muhacirs" (refugees) to Turkey and by 1862 almost all the remaining Turks left Serbia, including 3,000 from Belgrade.[3] According to the 2011 census only 647 people declared themselves as Turks, though this does not include the Turkish minority in Kosovo.[4]

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