Turks in Sweden

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Turks in Sweden
Total population
(100,000 Turkish citizens[1]
100,000[2][3]-150,000[4][5] 200,000[6]
Plus a further 30,000 Turks from Bulgaria [7])
Regions with significant populations
Stockholm (Rinkeby, Tensta, Alby)  · Gothenburg (Biskopsgården, Hisingen)  · Malmö (Rosengard)
Turkish  · Swedish
Sunni Islam

Turks in Sweden or Swedish Turks (Swedish: Turkar i Sverige; Turkish: İsveç Türkleri) are people of Turkish ethnicity living in Sweden. According to the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, there are 100,000 people in Sweden with a Turkish background, and a further 10,000 Swedish-Turks live in Turkey.[3]

Famous Turkish Swedes[edit]

Fittja Mosque, a Turkish mosque in Stockholm



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