Turku Concert Hall

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Turku Concert Hall
Turun konserttitalo/Åbo konserthus
Concert hall of Turku.jpg
Turku Concert Hall
General information
Architectural styleModern architecture
LocationTurku, Finland
AddressAninkaistenkatu 9
Coordinates60°27′20″N 22°16′14″E / 60.45556°N 22.27056°E / 60.45556; 22.27056Coordinates: 60°27′20″N 22°16′14″E / 60.45556°N 22.27056°E / 60.45556; 22.27056
Design and construction
ArchitectRisto-Veikko Luukkonen

Turku Concert Hall (Finnish: Turun konserttitalo, Swedish: Åbo konserthus) is located on the north side of the Puutori market square in Turku, Finland. The hall was designed by architect Risto-Veikko Luukkonen and constructed in 1952. It was the first concert hall in Finland. The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra primarily performs at the concert hall but there are many top international venues that perform there as well.

There is one auditorium in the building and it was designed for concerts. Its audience capacity is 1,002. The acoustics are excellent.[according to whom?] In addition to concerts, conferences, plays, fairs and other events take place in the hall.

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