Turloughmore Hurling Club

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Turlach Mór
Founded: 1886
County: Galway
Colours: Black and white
Playing kits
Standard colours
Senior Club Championships
All Ireland Connacht
Hurling: 0 1 8

Turloughmore GAA is a Gaelic Athletic Association club based in the village of Turloughmore, County Galway, Ireland. The club is primarily concerned with the game of hurling.



Hurling had been played in the parish of Lackagh long before the establishment of the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1884. The formation of the Irish National League in 1882 as a follow up to the Land League, resulted in the setting up of a branch of the Gaelic Athletic Association being formed in the parish on 14 May 1886, which led to organised hurling games under proper rules.


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