Turnberry Place

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Turnberry Place
The Turnberry Place development as of 2010
General information
LocationWinchester, Nevada
Address2747 Paradise Road
Coordinates36°8′15″N 115°9′22″W / 36.13750°N 115.15611°W / 36.13750; -115.15611Coordinates: 36°8′15″N 115°9′22″W / 36.13750°N 115.15611°W / 36.13750; -115.15611
Construction started2000
Completed2001–06 (various towers)
Opening2001 (2001) (first tower)
OwnerTurnberry Associates
ManagementTurnberry Associates
Height477 ft (145 m)
Technical details
Floor count38
Design and construction
ArchitectRobert M. Swedroe Architects & Planners, Klai Juba Architects
DeveloperTurnberry Associates
Other information
Number of units720

Turnberry Place Community Association is a luxury residential high-rise condominium complex near the Las Vegas Strip in Winchester, Nevada, that contains four towers. All of the towers are 477 ft (145 m) tall and have 38 floors. The top floor apartments consist of two-story homes, with a pool, hot tub and an outdoor fireplace on the top floor. The community is considered the largest tax payer in Clark County, Nevada. The complex previously included the 80,000 sq ft (7,400 m2) Stirling Club, offering various amenities to residents.


Turnberry Place consists of four 38-story condominium towers, measuring 477 feet (145 m),[1] with a total of 720 units.[2] The project was announced in June 1998,[3][4] and the first tower was completed in 2001.[1] Upon its initial opening, Turnberry Place and the nearby Park Towers inspired a condominium boom in the Las Vegas Valley.[2][5][6][7] Subsequent towers at Turnberry Place were completed in 2002 and 2004.[1] The fourth and final tower was topped off in January 2006, and all 180 units in the tower had been sold by that point.[2] The final tower was completed that year.[1]

At the time of construction, they were tied for the 10th tallest buildings in Las Vegas. As of 2009, they were the 20th tallest building in the area. It is the largest and tallest condominium complex in the state of Nevada.[citation needed]

Stirling Club[edit]

The 80,000 sq ft (7,400 m2) Stirling Club was marketed as the centerpiece of Turnberry Place. The private club included a bar and lounge, a swimming pool and spa, tennis courts, a fitness center, and a cigar and wine room. The club also once included a restaurant operated by chef Charlie Palmer.[8] The club opened in 2002,[9] and its operation was funded through $400 monthly HOA membership fees paid by Turnberry Place residents.[8]

The club closed because of financial losses in May 2012,[9] resulting in approximately 100 job losses.[8] Turnberry Associates was unable to find an operator to continue running the club.[9] Turnberry Place residents accounted for 80 percent of the club's revenue. The club had 1,300 members, including non-residents who purchased memberships for $2,500.[8] A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, incorporated as JDLB LLC, purchased the club for more than $10 million in 2013, with plans to eventually reopen it.[9] JDLB never reopened the club, as the executives believed that trying to operate it would take away time from their jobs in Silicon Valley. The club was put up for sale in 2015.[10]

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