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Turner Broadcasting System Europe
Subsidiary of Time Warner
Industry Entertainment
Founded September 17, 1993
Headquarters Turner House
, United Kingdom
Owner Turner Broadcasting System
Parent Time Warner
Divisions Cartoon Network (Europe)
TCM Nordic
Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe
Cartoon Network (Nordic)
Website http://europe.turnerinfo.com

Turner Broadcasting System Europe is the company managing the collection of cable networks around Europe

Turner Broadcasting System Europe operates the following brands: CNN International, Boomerang, TCM, TNT, Cartoon Network, Boing, truTV and Cartoonito. The availability of these brands depends on what country in Europe the viewer is from. The most available brands include CNN and TCM.

Involvement in Freeview[edit]

There were plans to launch a timeshare channel containing Boomerang, CNN International and TCM, on the digital terrestrial free-to-air platform Freeview at launch in October 2002.[1] Negotiations with Crown Castle UK broke down in 2003. CBM TV was due to replace the planned channel from Turner.[2]

July 2006 adverse operations[edit]

On July 27, 2006 in the UK, Cartoon Network, TCM, Boomerang, Toonami, Boomerang +1 and CN Too were removed from the air as part of a rolling blackout from area supplier EDF affecting Turner's operations based in Soho, London, due to the 2006 European heat wave and problems with backup operations. The malfunctions at the master control level forced the channels to come back in the wrong air slots from the satellites, and subsequently on cable and satellite providers; for instance Cartoon Network aired on Boomerang and Toonami's usual slot, with Boomerang being broadcast in CN Too's place. Several TCM networks, including the British and French networks, were affected with intermittent programming, and advertising was unable to be run, with the websites also brought offline.


Defunct channels[edit]


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