Turney Center Industrial Complex

Coordinates: 35°49′54″N 87°41′16″W / 35.831697°N 87.687904°W / 35.831697; -87.687904
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Turney Center Industrial Complex
Location1499 R W Moore Memorial Rt Hwy
Only, Tennessee
Security classClose / Mixed
Capacity1247 + 446 in Annex = 1693[1]
Managed byTennessee Department of Correction
DirectorWarden Christopher Brun

The Turney Center Industrial Complex is a state prison in Only, Hickman County, Tennessee, owned and operated by the Tennessee Department of Correction.[2] The facility opened in 1971 originally serving as Turney Center for Youthful Offenders. Later changed to Turney Center Prison, Turney Center Industrial Farm and Prison and by 2008 assuming its current name of Turney Center Industrial Complex.

Turney also has a minimum-security Annex at 245 Carroll Road, Clifton, Wayne County, Tennessee. This facility opened in 1985 and was formerly the Wayne County Boot Camp.

Notable prisoners[edit]


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35°49′54″N 87°41′16″W / 35.831697°N 87.687904°W / 35.831697; -87.687904