Turney Center Industrial Complex

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Turney Center Industrial Complex
Location1499 R W Moore Memorial Rt Hwy
Only, Tennessee
Security classclose / mixed
Capacity1247 + 446 in Annex = 1693[1]
Managed byTennessee Department of Correction

The Turney Center Industrial Complex is a state prison in Only, Hickman County, Tennessee, owned and operated by the Tennessee Department of Correction.[2] The facility opened in 1971.

Turney also has a minimum-security Annex at 245 Carroll Road, Clifton, Wayne County, Tennessee. This facility opened in 1985 and was formerly the Wayne County Boot Camp.

Notable prisoners[edit]

  • Brandon E. Banks - rapist in Vanderbilt rape case
  • Kong Bounnam - starred in "I almost got away with it"
  • Bruce Mendenhall - "The Truckstop Killer"
  • Billy Bridges - shot and killed his wife at an interstate rest stop


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