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A Turopolje pig
Couple laying

The Turopolje pig (Croatian: Turopoljska svinja) is a breed of pig named for Turopolje, Croatia, where it originates. This distinctive-looking swine, which has black spots on a white or grey skin with drooping ears,[1] is very rare, and is likely nearing extinction.[2] It is one of the older breeds of European pigs, though it may have had infusions of Berkshire or other bloodlines in the 19th century.[3]

Though it is relatively small and not fast growing,[4] the breed is known for its hardiness under free range conditions.[5] Once one of the most widespread swine in its native country, the change from extensive to intensive pig farming in the mid-20th century discouraged its use.[2]


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Picture of sleeping (and video of snoring) Turopolje pigs in South Tyrol: https://picasaweb.google.com/Fritz.Joern/HofSommer13#5912816864147895490