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Turrubares canton in San José province

Turrubares is the 16th canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 415.29 square kilometres (160.34 sq mi),[1] and has a population of 5,175 (2003 estimate),[2] making it the least populated of the 81 cantons in Costa Rica. The capital city of the canton is San Pablo.

The Río Grande de Tárcoles delineates the north and northwest boundaries of the canton. The Río Carara, Río Camaronal and the Fila Negra (Black Mountains) establish the boundary on the west. The south and southwest is marked by the Río Tulin, and the Río Galán and Quebrada Azul delineate portions of the canton's border on the east.


The canton of Turrubares is subdivided into five districts (distritos):[3]

  1. San Pablo
  2. San Pedro
  3. San Juan de Mata
  4. San Luis
  5. Carara


The canton was established by law on July 30, 1920.


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Coordinates: 9°04′58″N 84°29′58″W / 9.08278°N 84.49944°W / 9.08278; -84.49944