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Saint Turibius of Astorga (Spanish: Santo Toribio de Astorga; fl. 446, died 460) was an archdeacon of Tui and an early Bishop of Astorga. Turibius was a zealous maintainer of ecclesiastical discipline, and defender of the Nicene Christianity against the Galician heresy of Priscillianism,[1] for which he received a supportive letter from Leo the Great, which still survives.[2][3]

Turibius held a local synod in 446. After his death at Astorga in 460 he was revered as a saint. According to tradition, his relics, along with a piece of the lignum crucis, were transferred to the Monastery of Liébana around the middle of the eighth century.[4] His feast day is April 16 in the Roman Catholic Church. He is usually portrayed with a mitre and is not to be confused with Turibius of Liébana.


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