Tursun Beg

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Tursun Beg
Title Tursun Beg
Born ca. 1420
Era Ottoman Empire
Religion Islam
Main interest(s) Ottoman history
Notable work(s) "Tarih-i Ebülfeth" ("The History of the Conqueror")

Tursun Beg (Turkish: Tursun Bey; probably born in mid-1420s in Bursa)[1] was an Ottoman bureaucrat and historian who wrote a chronicle dedicated to Mehmed II.

Life and career[edit]

Tursun Beg's life is only known from references in his chronicle. He came from a prominent timariot family and held a timar himself.[1] He worked in the imperial divan and accompanied Mehmed II during the siege of Constantinople in 1453 that led to the fall of Constantinople.[1]


Tursun Beg's only known work is the Tarih-i Ebülfeth (تاريخ ابو الفتح in Ottoman; "The History of the Conqueror").


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