Turtleback Falls

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Turtleback Falls
Although dangerous, Swimming is a popular activity at Turtleback Falls
Location Horsepasture River, Pisgah National Forest, Blue Ridge Mountains, Transylvania County, North Carolina
Coordinates 35°05′32″N 82°57′59″W / 35.0922°N 82.9663°W / 35.0922; -82.9663
Type Cascade
Total height 20 ft (6.1 m)
Number of drops 1

Turtleback Falls, also called Umbrella Falls, is a waterfall in Western North Carolina, located near Brevard. The falls is located on the Horsepasture River in the Pisgah National Forest. The falls is usually accessed by a hike starting in Gorges State Park which passes through Pisgah National Forest property.

Turtleback Falls is a popular place for swimming and people frequently slide over the falls into the Chug Hole during low water; however, the currents can be dangerous in higher flows and people have drowned at Turtleback, or have been swept downriver and over 125' Rainbow Falls.


The falls has a large, deep pool at the bottom commonly known as the "Chug Hole". The river flows over a large, sloping slab of rock before curving steeper and finally dropping into the pool. The appearance of the rock, similar to a turtle's shell, gives the falls its name.

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  • "VIII. Operations Issues". Gorges State Park General Management Plan (PDF). N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation. January 2005.