Turtleback Mountain

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Turtleback Mountain
Highest point
Elevation2,203 ft (671 m)
Coordinates43°43′45″N 71°17′44″W / 43.72917°N 71.29556°W / 43.72917; -71.29556Coordinates: 43°43′45″N 71°17′44″W / 43.72917°N 71.29556°W / 43.72917; -71.29556
LocationCarroll County, New Hampshire, U.S.
Parent rangeOssipee Mountains
Easiest routeTurtleback Summit Trail

Turtleback Mountain[citation needed] is a 2,203-foot (671 m) mountain in the Ossipee Mountains located in Carroll County, New Hampshire, standing above Bald Knob. The summit features columnar jointing and was once home to an observation tower.

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