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Province of Greater Armenia
189 BC–XI AD
Location of Turuberan
Capital Malazgirt
 •  Artaxias I declaring himself independent 189 BC
 •  Seljuk conquests XI AD[1] XI AD
Today part of  Turkey

Turuberan (Armenian: Տուրուբերան) was the fourth Armenian region that was part of the ancient Kingdom of Armenia from 189 BC to 387 AD. Then it was part of the Sassanid Empire, Byzantine Empire, Arab Caliphate, medieval Kingdom of Armenia, Zakarid Armenia, various Turco-Mongol states, Safavid Empire, and finally the Ottoman Empire. A very large Armenian population remained until the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Currently it is situated in Turkey's south-east.[2][3]


The area of Turuberan region was 25,008 km2 (10,000 sq mi).

It had 16 cantons:

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