Turukhan River

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Turukhan River (Russian: Турухан) is a river in northern Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia. It is a left tributary of the Yenisei River. The river is 639 kilometres (397 mi) long. The area of its basin is 35,800 square kilometres (13,800 sq mi). The Turukhan River freezes up in October and stays under the ice until late May or the first half of June. Its main tributaries are the Usomchik, Bolshaya Bludnaya, Upper Baikha, Lower Baikha, Makovskaya. Its mouth is 20 kilometres (12 mi) downstream from Turukhansk, where the Lower Tunguska joins the Yenisei. The river is navigable for about 288 kilometres (179 mi) from its mouth to the settlement of Yanov Stan. It was part of the canoe route from the Gulf of ObTaz River – Turukhan River – Yenisei River – Lower Tunguska – Yakutsk (see Siberian River Routes). The uncompleted Salekhard–Igarka Railway from the Ob to the Yenisei was planned to cross the Turukhan at Yanov Stan.

Coordinates: 65°52′40″N 87°50′25″E / 65.8778°N 87.8403°E / 65.8778; 87.8403