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Turun Palloseura
GroundVeritas Stadion
ChairmanJouko Peräaho
ManagerTommi Pikkarainen
201811. Veikkausliiga Decrease
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Turun Palloseura
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Turun Palloseura, commonly known as TPS, is a professional football club based in Turku, Finland. During the 2019 season, the men’s first team of the club competes in Ykkönen, the second highest tier of men’s football, and the women’s first team in Naisten Liiga, the highest level of women’s football in Finland. Nicknamed "Tepsi", the club was founded in 1922.[1]

TPS have won 8 League titles and 3 Finnish Cups.[1] They play their home league matches at Veritas Stadion, with a capacity of 9,372 seats for most matches.[2]


In the early stages of the UEFA Cup of the season 1987–1988, TPS beat Internazionale at the San Siro stadium in Milan, thanks to a goal by Mika Aaltonen, who was later signed by Inter. They lost the return leg with 0–2, but this is widely regarded as the highest point by the club in international football.

After season 2000 TPS lost its place in Finland's Premier League and played for two seasons in the Ykkönen (eng first) in the Finnish first division. They aimed to get back up to the Premier League with determination and it took them two seasons to complete the mission. Since season 2003 TPS has again played in the Finland's Premier League, Veikkausliiga. TPS managed to get in the final of the Finnish Cup in 2005, but lost to Haka 4–1 in Finnair Stadium

Before season 2007 TPS hired famous Finnish striker Mixu Paatelainen as their manager. In his guidande TPS won bronze and so ended their ten years medalless run. After the end of season Paatelainen left for Scottish club Hibernian FC in early January 2008. Quickly TPS hired heralded Finnish manager Martti Kuusela. However Kuusela didn't get the best out of his squad and was fired mid September 2008. Overall TPS ended sixth in Veikkausliiga. So again TPS have to get a new manager, their third in as many seasons. This time they picked Pasi Rautiainen.

In recent years, TPS has had the highest average attendance in Veikkausliiga but it has suffered from a poor rental agreement with Veritas Stadion. This has led TPS for planning to build their own stadium in Nummi. They also considered the possibility of using the Paavo Nurmi Stadion as their home ground, but these plans faced scheduling problems with Athletics competitions and were scrapped. Both Turku based teams however played few games at the Paavo Nurmi Stadion during 2014 season when the Veritas Stadion was under maintenance. After relegation TPS changed their home venue to the Urheilupuiston yläkenttä, which is close to the Paavo Nurmi Stadion in the Turku Sports Park, but is not eligible to be used in the Veikkausliiga. Future plans for home ground development have not been made public.

TPS returned to the Veikkausliiga for the 2018 season,[3] winning the Ykkönen title on 21 October 2017 with a 1–1 draw against Honka.[4] However, after the 2018 season, TPS was again relegated to Ykkönen, after finishing second-to-last in the league and losing the two-leg play-off against Kokkolan Pallo-Veikot (KPV), the Ykkönen runner-up.[5] Since the 2018 season, TPS plays all home games at Veritas Stadion.


TPS honours
Competition Titles /
Finnish Championship 8[1] 1928,[a] 1939, 1941, 1949, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1975[1]
12[1] 1923, 1925, 1926, 1930, 1938, 1944, 1946, 1948, 1960, 1984, 1986, 1989[1]
11[1] 1929, 1931, 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, 1996, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012[1]
Finnish Cup 3[1] 1991, 1994, 2010[1]
Finnish League Cup 1 2012

Season to season[edit]

Season Level Division Section Administration Position Movements
1994 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 8th
1995 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 6th
1996 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 3rd Upper Group – 3rd
1997 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 6th Third round – 4th
1998 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 5th Third round – 6th
1999 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 9th Lower Group – 9th
2000 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 11th Playoff – Relegated
2001 Tier 2 Ykkönen (First Division) South Group Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 1st Playoffs
2002 Tier 2 Ykkönen (First Division) North Group Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 1st Promotion/Relegation Group 2nd – Promoted
2003 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 9th
2004 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 5th
2005 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 9th
2006 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 7th
2007 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 3rd
2008 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 6th
2009 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 3rd
2010 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 3rd
2011 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 5th
2012 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 3rd
2013 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 8th
2014 Tier 1 Veikkausliiga (Premier League) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 12th Relegated to Ykkönen
2015 Tier 2 Ykkönen (First Division) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 3rd
2016 Tier 2 Ykkönen (First Division) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 2nd Playoffs
2017 Tier 2 Ykkönen (First Division) Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto) 1st Promoted to Veikkausliiga

Current squad[edit]

As of 25 April 2019[6]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Finland GK Miikka Mujunen
2 Cameroon MF Alim Moundi
3 Finland DF Kristian Heinolainen
4 Finland DF Rasmus Holma
5 Finland MF Juho Montola
6 Finland MF Jonni Peräaho
7 Finland DF Sami Rähmönen (captain)
8 Finland MF Mika Mäkitalo
9 Finland FW Oskari Jakonen
10 Finland MF Jani Virtanen
11 Finland FW Mika Ääritalo
12 Finland MF Tomas Hradecky
13 Finland MF Matej Hradecky
No. Position Player
14 Finland DF Otto Schultz
15 Finland FW Juho Salminen
16 Finland FW Albijon Muzaci
17 Colombia FW Eliécer Espinosa
18 Finland DF Julius Perälä
20 Finland MF Jesper Karlsson
21 Finland FW Solomon Duah
23 Finland FW Joakim Latonen
25 Colombia DF Aldayr Hernández
27 Finland GK Anton Lepola
31 Finland FW Onnipekka Pajula
33 Finland DF Tatu Varmanen
42 Democratic Republic of the Congo DF Jessy Lando

Management and boardroom[edit]


As of 25 April 2019.

Name Role
Finland Tommi Pikkarainen Head Coach
Finland Joonas Laurikainen Coach
Finland Mikko Hyyrynen Fitness Coach
Finland Mikko Känkänen Goalkeeping Coach
Finland Jani Tuomala Team Manager
Finland Tapio Hirvaskari Team Manager
Finland Tapani Elmeranta Kit Manager
Finland Juha Pyyhtiä Kit Manager
Finland Petri Kallio Doctor
Finland Markus Kemppainen Physiotherapist
Finland Tuomas Sonck Video Coordinator


As of 25 April 2019[7]

Name Role
Finland Jouko Peräaho Chairman
Finland Jarmo Kähkönen CEO


In Europe[edit]

Season Competition Round Country Club Score Agg. Notes
1969–70 European Cup PR Denmark KB Copenhagen 0–1, 0–4 0–5
1972–73 European Cup 1R East Germany 1. FC Magdeburg 0–6, 1–3 1–9
1973–74 European Cup 1R Scotland Celtic FC 1–6, 0–3 1–9
1976–77 European Cup 1R Malta Sliema Wanderers 1–2, 1–0 2–2
1/8 Switzerland FC Zürich 0–2, 0–1 0–3
1985–86 UEFA Cup 1R Soviet Union Spartak Moscow 0–1, 1–3 1–4
1987–88 UEFA Cup 1R Austria FC Admira/Wacker Wenen 0–1, 2–0 2–1
2R Italy Internazionale 1–0, 0–2 1–2
1988–89 UEFA Cup 1R Northern Ireland Linfield FC Belfast 0–0, 1–1 1–1
2R Austria First Vienna 1–2, 1–0 2–2
1/8 Romania Victoria Bucureşti 0–1, 3–2 3–3
1990–91 UEFA Cup 1R Poland GKS Katowice 0–3, 0–1 0–4
1992–93 Cup Winners Cup 1R Turkey Trabzonspor 0–2, 2–2 2–4
1995–96 Cup Winners Cup Q Albania KS Teuta Durrës 1–0, 0–3 1–3
1997 Intertoto Cup Group Sweden Halmstads BK 1–6
Group Belgium SK Lommel 1–1
Group Serbia Hajduk Kula 1–2
Group Norway Kongsvinger IL 2–0
1998 Intertoto Cup 1R Switzerland FC Sion 0–1, 3–2 2–4
2R Russia Shinnik Yaroslavl 0–2, 2–3 2–5
2008 Intertoto Cup 1R Northern Ireland Lisburn Distillery FC 3–2, 3–1 6–3
2R Denmark Odense BK 1–2, 0–2 1–4
2010–11 Europa League 1Q Wales Port Talbot Town 3–1, 4–0 7–1
2Q Belgium Cercle Brugge 1–2, 1–0 2–2
2011–12 Europa League 2Q Belgium K.V.C. Westerlo 0–1, 0–0 0–1

Women's football[edit]

The club also has a women's team which participate in Naisten Liiga, the top division of women's football in Finland. TPS women took part in the national championship for the first time in 1972, and won the title in 1978. After withdrawing from the top league in 1992, they returned in 2008.[8]


  1. ^ The championship was decided via cup competition.[3]


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