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C-Train station
Tuscany C-Train station interior.jpg
Coordinates 51°08′07″N 114°14′15″W / 51.13528°N 114.23750°W / 51.13528; -114.23750Coordinates: 51°08′07″N 114°14′15″W / 51.13528°N 114.23750°W / 51.13528; -114.23750
Owned by Calgary Transit
Line(s) Red line (201)
Platforms Center-loading platform
Tracks 2
Connections 74 Tuscany
174 Tuscany
169 Rocky Ridge
157 Royal Vista
158 Royal Oak
Structure type At-Grade
Parking 2 Park and Ride lots
Bicycle facilities yes
Disabled access Yes
Opened 25 August 2014[1]
Passengers 2,860,000 (2014)
Preceding station   CTrain   Following station
TerminusRed Line

Tuscany station is a CTrain light rail station in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is the northern terminus[2] of the Northwest Line (Route 201), and opened as part of the route's the 2 km (1.24 miles) extension on 23 August 2014. Originally referred to in planning documents as Tuscany/Rocky Ridge Station, Calgary Transit simplified the name on the recommendation of the Community Consultation Committee.

The station, originally planned for completion past 2023, was approved and funded by Calgary City Council on 7 November 2007 for completion by 2011.[3] The station had been included as part of Mayor Dave Bronconnier's re-election platform during the 2007 Municipal elections. Construction was to begin in the Spring of 2009 with completion in Fall 2011. However, budget issues as well as a delay with the Crowchild Trail/Stoney Trail Interchange delayed the start of construction three years to Spring 2012 with an opening date of 23 August 2014.

The station is located in the median of Crowchild Trail, to the west of Rocky Ridge Road, and is adjacent to the communities of Tuscany to the south, and Rocky Ridge to the north. The station is the final station currently planned for the Northwest leg of the CTrain, and is located approximately 2 kilometers northwest of the previous last CTrain station; Crowfoot. After only a few weeks of service the station exceeded the estimated usage of 9,000 weekday customers with 11,000 recorded weekday customers in mid-September 2014.[4]

The station has two Park and Ride lots, located on the north and south side of Crowchild Trail. Plans are to incorporate into the development an Art Moderne heritage gas station building and sign from a former restaurant and motel, Eamon’s Bungalow Camp, that once lay along the Old Banff Coach Road.[5]

On September 20th 2016, the worst accident in CTrain history occurred in the tail-tracks north of the station. In the early morning hours of September 20th 2016, a three car Series 8 train, composed of units (listed from the north-facing direction) 2311, 2310 and 2329, stopped at the platform, and then accelerated into the tail-track. The accident resulted in three injuries stemming from the 60 km/h impact with a overhead wire pole at the end of the tracks. The driver was unhurt, even though the catenary counterweights went through the windshield. The accident resulted in car 2311 being retired. [6]


Route 157 has been extended to increase service coverage to the Royal Vista area of 100 Avenue N.W. Route 58 has been changed to Route 169. Routes 74, 158, 169 and 174 have been revised to service Tuscany Station and will no longer be going to Crowfoot Station.


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