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Tush may refer to:

  • subgroup of Georgians Tushs or Tushetians
  • A slang term for the buttocks
  • [[Tush], a slang term for the word "Nice"] used informally to describe luxury
  • Any of the canine teeth of a horse
  • Tush, the Bats language of the Bats people, who live in Tusheti
  • "Tush" (ZZ Top song), a 1975 song by ZZ Top from their album Fandango!
  • "Tush" (Ghostface Killah song), a 2004 song by Ghostface Killah from his album The Pretty Toney Album
  • Tush (band), a band that at one time featured Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen
  • T.U.S.H., a 1970s Belgian rock band featuring Dany Lademacher and Walter de Paduwa
  • Tush (TV series), a 1980s variety show with Bill Tush