Tutak, Turkey

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Tutak is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 39°32′32″N 42°46′18″E / 39.54222°N 42.77167°E / 39.54222; 42.77167Coordinates: 39°32′32″N 42°46′18″E / 39.54222°N 42.77167°E / 39.54222; 42.77167
Country Turkey
Province Ağrı
 • Mayor Fırat Öztürk (HDP)
 • Kaymakam Gürbüz Saltaş
 • District 1,543.98 km2 (596.13 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 7,184
 • District 34,222
 • District density 22/km2 (57/sq mi)
Post code 04700
Website www.tutak.bel.tr

Tutak (Armenian: Դութախ - Duthakh), is a town and a district of Ağrı Province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. It is located on a small plain surrounded by high mountains and watered by the Murat River, on the road from the city of Ağrı to the district of Patnos. It covers an area of 1,562 km² and the altitude is 1,535 m. The population (2010) is 34,812, of which 7,170 live in the town of Tutak, and the majority in the surrounding countryside. The mayor is Fırat Öztürk (BDP).

Tutak is a small town providing schools, a hospital and other basic amenities to this impoverished rural district. The main source of income in the district is grazing livestock on the mountainside.

Winters are long and hard with a lot of snow, summers are hot and dry.

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