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In the British higher education system a Tutor is an officer of a college responsible for the pastoral care of a number of students in cognate disciplines;[1] as against a Director of Studies in Cambridge who is responsible for the academic progress of a group of students in their own discipline,[2] with both Tutors and Directors of Studies answering to a Senior Tutor.

Senior Tutor[edit]

In the University of Oxford, the Senior Tutor is responsible, on a day-to-day basis, for all academic matters; welfare and pastoral issues; and for coordinating strategic planning of all aspects of the College’s academic activities and consulting with the Academic Committee about planned academic developments or substantive changes to current practice and policy. The Senior Tutor acts with the University President and other colleagues on fellowship appointments, applications and enquiries. The Senior Tutor also acts as Tutor for Admissions, and is responsible for deciding whether applicants should be admitted to membership of the College. Additionally, the Senior Tutor oversees the College’s Communications Department, Library, Archives and the administration of the Common Room.[3]

The Senior Tutorship scheme at the National University of Singapore is a talent development program for outstanding Singaporeans seeking an academic career. Majority of the Senior Tutors are expected to proceed onto the Tenure-Track appointment scheme after going through one or more of the development programmes.[4]


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