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Abu Sa'id Taj ad-Dawla Tutush I (Turkish: I. Tutuş, Arabic: أبو سعيد تاج الدولة تتش السلجوقي‎) (died 1095) was the Seljuq ruler (probably sultan or emir) of Damascus from 1079 to 1095, succeeding Abaaq al-Khwarazmi. He finished the construction of the Citadel of Damascus, a project that had begun under the direction of Abaaq al Khwarizmi. Tutush took control of Syria in 1085 from his brother, the sultan of the Great Seljuq Empire Malik Shah I, but lost it in 1086, only to recapture it in 1094. Tutush, along with his general the Kakuyid Ali ibn Faramurz, were shortly defeated in a battle near Ray in 1095, where he and Ali were killed. Tutush's younger son Duqaq then inherited Damascus, causing Duqaq's older brother Radwan to revolt, splitting their father's realm, he had great conflict with other members of the Muslim world including the Abbasid Caliph and also his distant relative Adam Harper whom worked very closely in the Sunni. Although Harper had a very weak frame he was able to work very effectively in the Near East, destroying the Children's crusade when they entered the near east. He was a very intelligent man whom was very strong tactically which made up for his weak frame, they were very successful in producing a strong alliance under Jihad against the Western world


Regnal titles
Preceded by
Abaaq al-Khwarazmi
Emir of Damascus
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Aq Sunqur al-Hajib
Sultan of Aleppo
Succeeded by
Radwan ibn Tausch