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Abu Sa'id Taj ad-Dawla Tutush I (Turkish: I. Tutuş, Arabic: أبو سعيد تاج الدولة تتش السلجوقي‎) (died 1095) was the Seljuq emir of Damascus from 1078 to 1092, and Seljuq sultan of Damascus from 1092 to 1094.

In 1078, his brother Malik Shah I sent him to Damascus to help Atsiz ibn Uvaq al-Khwarazmi, who was besieged.[1] After the siege had ended, Tutush had Atsiz executed and installed himself in Damascus.[1]

Tutush finished the construction of the Citadel of Damascus, a project begun under the direction of Atsiz. Tutush took control of Syria in 1092, following the death of his brother, Malik Shah I, naming himself Sultan.[1] Tutush, along with his general the Kakuyid Ali ibn Faramurz, were shortly defeated in a battle by Sultan Barkiyaruq near Ray in 1095, where he and Ali were killed. Tutush was decapitated and his head was displayed in Baghdad.[1]

Tutush's younger son Duqaq then inherited Damascus, whilst Radwan received Aleppo, splitting their father's realm.[2]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Atsiz ibn Uvaq
Emir of Damascus
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Aq Sunqur al-Hajib
Sultan of Aleppo
Succeeded by
Radwan ibn Tausch