Tuvalu (band)

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Origin Finland
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2003 – Present
Labels Backstage Alliance
Website http://www.tuvalu.ws/
Members Annina Antinranta -Vocals
Antti Harmainen - Guitar
Jussi Oskari - Bass
Jussi Matikainen - Drums

Tuvalu[1][2] is a Finnish band, founded in 2003 in Tampere-Helsinki-axis. They gained recognition with their debut EP Mitä muut ajattelevat sinusta? in 2004. The band was named after Veit Helmer's movie and the island nation with the same name.[3]

The first album "Pimeä saartaa meitä!" was released in 2006. Rumba called the album "a stylish debut" but criticised the lyrics.[4] Aamulehti gave the album 4/5 stars.[5]

In 2008 the album "Viimeiset hetket ovat käsillä!" was released.

The band has stated that Tuvalu's music will not be played in radios in an act against Finnish music business.[6]


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