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Tuvalu Media Corporation (TMC, formerly called Tuvalu Media Cooperation) is a public broadcasting organisation in the small Pacific island of Tuvalu. It operates one station on the AM frequencies under the title of Radio Tuvalu. In 2000, Tuvalu Media Cooperation was corporatised, and today is under the direction of a board of directors comprising 5 directors. The Tuvalu Media Cooperation publishes Sikuleo o Tuvalu - Tuvalu Echo (previously: Tuvalu Echoes), a fortnightly newspaper and a news website.[1]

Radio Tuvalu broadcasts from the main island of Funafuti. In 2011 the Japanese government provided financial support to construct a new AM broadcast studio. The installation of upgraded transmission equipment allows Radio Tuvalu to be heard on all nine islands of Tuvalu.[2] The new AM radio transmitter on Funafuti replaced TMC’s FM radio service to the outer islands and freed up satellite bandwidth for mobile services.[3]

The station broadcasts Tuvaluan programming 3 times a day. Transmission hours are: in the morning: 6:30am - 8:00am; afternoon: 11:25am - 1:00pm; evening: 6:25pm - 10:00pm. When Radio Tuvalu is off the air, programming from the BBC is transmitted.[4]

Radio Tuvalu provides special broadcasts during general elections, such as during the Tuvaluan general election, 2015.[5]


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