Tuvan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

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Tuvan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Тыва Автономнуг Совет Социалистиг Республика
Autonomous Republic of Soviet Union

Flag Coat of arms
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Kyzyl
Government Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
 •  Established October 10, 1961
 •  Disestablished March 31, 1992

The Tuvan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (Russian: Тувинская АССР; Tuvan: Тыва Автономнуг Совет Социалистиг Республика, Tьva Avtonomnuƣ Sovet Sotsialistiƣ Respuʙlika/Tıwa Avtonomnuğ Sovet Socialistiğ Respublika), or the Tuvan ASSR, was an autonomous republic of the Soviet Union. It was created on October 10, 1961 from the Tuvan Autonomous Oblast.[1] On March 31, 1992, its successor, the Tuva Republic, became a constituent member of the Russian Federation.

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Map of the Tuva Republic, formerly the Tuvan People's Republic.