Tuve Church

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Coordinates: 57°45′58″N 11°55′59″E / 57.76611°N 11.93306°E / 57.76611; 11.93306

Tuve Church

The Tuve Church (Swedish: Tuve kyrka) is a medieval church in Gothenburg, western Sweden. It is located on the Hisingen island, in the Tuve district.

It is a Romanesque stone church, consisting of a rectangular nave and a narrow choir. This simple shape was typical of churches in Västergötland.[1] The oldest parts of the building were probably erected in the 12th century.[2] The two buttresses were added in the 18th century, and the porch in 1745. The sacristy, built in 1953, is the most recent addition.

The bell tower was erected south-west of the church in the 19th century; the bell dates back to 1770.

The church is surrounded by a small churchyard, the first mentions of which come from 1871. However, some of the tombstones are older than that, the oldest one from year 1660.[3]


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