Tuwat language

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Native to Algeria
Region Tuat
Native speakers
(undated figure of "dying out")[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 grr (included)
Glottolog toua1238[2]

The Tuwat language (Touat, Tuat) is a Zenati Berber language. It is spoken by Zenata Berbers in a number of villages in the Tuat region of Algeria, notably Tamentit (where it was already practically extinct by 1985[3]) and Tittaf, to the south of Gurara Berber. Ethnologue 16 considers them a single language, "Zenati", but Blench (2006) classifies Gurara as a dialect of Mzab–Wargla, and Tuwat as a dialect of the Riff cluster.


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