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Developer(s) Charles B. Cossé
Stable release
0.7.11 / 18 August 2010
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Educational game
License GNU General Public License
Website Asymptopia Software

TuxWordSmith is a multi-language word game similar to Scrabble in which users play against Tux, the Linux mascott. The game is distributed with over 80 language[i]-language[j] dictionaries courtesy of the xdxf project. Players take turns submitting words in language[i] and, if the word is valid (i.e. occurs within the corresponding dictionary) then the corresponding language[j] definition is displayed. The default resource is Webster's Dictionary for strictly English game play, and most similar to Scrabble.

Special Features[edit]

  • Support for Greek, Chinese and Russian characters via unicode
  • Letter distributions are computed dynamically, based on frequency of occurrence within each dictionary
  • Configurable upper limit to length of words used by Tux character opponent
  • Platform independent design (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS)
  • Animated Tux (The Linux Mascott) character
  • Animated tiles come to life upon correct submission
  • Optional GUI Admin Configuration Panel (uses WxPython)
  • Screensaver/Demo mode
  • Optional fireworks display at startup
  • 0 (demo),1 and 2 player modes


Historically TuxMathScrabble came first (circa 2001). Using the language resources provided by the xdxf project it was possible to create this "sister" application to TuxMathScrabble. According to the author the intent of the project was not to reproduce Scrabble, but to extend TuxMathScrabble. The first release of TuxWordSmith was made in 2006.[1]


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