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Tuxedo is a residential suburb of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is located about seven kilometres southwest of downtown Winnipeg and borders the Assiniboine River on the north, and Assiniboine Park and Forest on the west.


Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
1921 1,062 —    
1931 1,173 +10.5%
1941 735 −37.3%
1951 1,627 +121.4%
1961 1,627 +0.0%

It was conceived as "Tuxedo Park", a residential suburb, during Winnipeg's boom years from 1900–1914, and its development was enhanced by the proximity of Assiniboine Park and the building of the Broadway streetcar route (named "Academy Road" in 1933) in the early 1920s. Frank Trafford Taylor was a resident of Tuxedo.

Much of the development north of Corydon Avenue dates from this era, with development to the south and in Lindenwoods coming much later and continuing today.

It was a separate municipality until joining with Winnipeg and 11 other suburbs in the Unicity scheme of 1972. Prior to that it was the independent Town of Tuxedo.

To this day it is the wealthiest area of Winnipeg with the highest property values.

Some very large houses line Wellington Crescent, which is touted as the wealthiest street in Manitoba. It meanders up to Old Tuxedo ending at the entrance to Assiniboine Park.

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Coordinates: 49°51′38″N 97°13′04″W / 49.86056°N 97.21778°W / 49.86056; -97.21778