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The Tuya River is a major tributary of the Stikine River in far northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Rising at Tuya Lake, which is on the south side of Tuya Mountains Provincial Park, it flows south to meet the Stikine River[1] where that river bisects the Tahltan Highland. Its main tributary is the Little Tuya River.

Coal has been found in rocks exposed in the drainage of the Tuya River and its tributaries the Little Tuya River and Mansfield Creek, between the communities of Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek in northwestern BC. This coal field is called the Tuya River Coal Basin. The coal was first discovered in 1904, but the main exploration of its economic potential occurred in the late 1970s to 1990s by PetroCanada.[2]

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Coordinates: 58°02′00″N 130°51′00″W / 58.03333°N 130.85000°W / 58.03333; -130.85000