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Tvindefossen (also written Tvinnefossen; also called Trollafossen[1]) is a waterfall near Voss, Norway. It is 12 km from Voss on the road to Flåm.[2][3]

The many-stranded waterfall, usually said to be 152 m high,[2] but likely only 110 m, is formed by a small stream, the Kroelvi,[1] tumbling over a receding cliff.[4] It is famous for its beauty.[5] Buses sometimes stop for people to admire it.[6] It was painted in 1830 by Johan Christian Dahl.[7]

In addition, in the late 1990s the water at Tvindefossen acquired a reputation for rejuvenation and revival of sexual potency that made it one of the most important natural tourist attractions in western Norway, with as many as 200,000 people a year from the U.S., Japan and Russia visiting and filling containers with the water.[8][9]

At one point it was Norway's ninth most visited natural attraction, with 272,000 visitors.[10]


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