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TVS Apache
The Apache RTR 180 V2.jpg
2012 Apache RTR 180
Manufacturer TVS Motor Company
Production 2006–
Class Standard, Sport bike (TVS Apache RR 310)
Engine 150 cm³, 159.7 cm³, 177.4 cm³, 197.75 cm³, 312.2 cm³, Single Cylinder, SI, 4-stroke, 2 valves, 4 valves, Air-cooled, Oil-cooled, Liquid Cooled

The TVS Apache is a brand of motorcycle made by TVS Motors since 2006. In 2008 the company claimed that more than 2.5 million Apaches were on the road.[1]Currently the company sells five variants of the TVS Apache. The differences between each variant being the engine displacement, the options on offer and performance characteristics. The abbreviation 'RTR' in the names of the motorcycles refer to 'Racing Throttle Response'.[2]


TVS which partnered with Suzuki for 19 years had brought out several two-stroke motorcycles in India. When the emission norms in the country changed, a need for more fuel efficient and less polluting four-stroke motorcycles suddenly came into being. However Suzuki at the time was globally known to produce two-stroke motorcycles and did not have strong R&D in the four-stroke department. All this led to the late introduction of the TVS-Suzuki Fiero in 2000 which was specifically developed for the Indian market.[3][4]

At the time there was also an upcoming market for the performance motorcycles in India which can be related to the success of the Hero Honda CBZ.[5]The Suzuki Fiero being a powerful performance oriented motorcycle, was well received[6]. After the separation of TVS and Suzuki in 2001, TVS continued the production of the Fiero and its iterations under the name TVS Fiero, TVS Fiero FX[7][8]

In 2005, to enter the 150 cm3 engine displacement category of performance motorcycles in India which was then dominated by the Bajaj Pulsar, TVS introduced the TVS Apache 150 IE-Surge[9], the first of the TVS Apache series of Motorcycles. It was a product of TVS' own R&D which included many changes on their existing Fiero 147 cm3 Engine and as a result had an increased power output of 13.5 bhp from 12 bhp and better efficiency. There were also major improvements in design, suspension, brakes, frame and styling. The company claimed that the Apache had the highest power to weight ratio in its class and was the quickest for that reason.[9]

The successors and current variants of the TVS Apache have engines based on the same platform but have significant design improvements such as an oversquare engine[10], 4- valves[11], balance shaft[12]; technical advancements such as oil cooling[12], ram-air assist cooling[13] (not to be confused with ram-air intake), fuel injection[11][13] and performance improvements.[14] However the TVS Apache RR 310 is an exception and is based on the BMW G310R.[15]

Current models[edit]

Former models[edit]

  • TVS Apache 150 IE-Surge [9]

Design and styling[edit]

The Apache was the first bike in India with a petal disc brake, which offers better heat dispersion thereby allowing fewer brake fades.[16][22]

Comfort and handling[edit]

According to a 2007 review, since the bike was optimized for handling, the ride quality was on the stiff side.[16] Previous versions of Apache had a wheelbase of 1,260 mm (50 inches) which resulted in better turning in at the expense of stability.[citation needed] TVS increased the wheelbase by 40 mm (1.6 inches) to improve the stability.[citation needed] The Apache 180 introduced ABS to the lineup in 2011.[23]


TVS Apache won Performance Bike Of The Year (2008) from Business Standard Motoring Awards.[24]


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