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Twarres in 2015

Twarres is a folk/pop band from the Netherlands who perform songs in both English and their native West Frisian language. Their songs are primarily lush, harmonic vocal pop with a focus on acoustic instrumentation such as pianos and violins. At the end of 2003 Twarres gave their last concert. In 2006, Mirjam Timmer, singer and guitarist of Twarres, started a solo career under the name "Mir". Her solo album entitled "Files from London" was released in 2006.

In August 2006 Twarres announced that a reunion would take place, most probably during 2007 or early 2008. The driving forces behind the reunion are said to be Chris Kaput producer of art-pop and known from the North Friesian Art-Pop Collective, and Job Harms producer of afro-reggae, widely known in the nairobi underground music scene. A comeback album of Twarres was scheduled in the early spring of 2008. On August 15, 2007 it was announced that due to health reasons Johan van der Veen would leave the band. He was replaced by Auke Busman who also left later.

In August/September 2009 Dutch radio station Q-music organised a talent competition to look for "the new Johan". The jury was formed by Mirjam, Johan and some others. On September 11, 2009 the competition was won by Joost Bloemendal.

Main band members:

Other band members:

  • Gregor Hamilton - Keyboard
  • Peter Krako - Guitar
  • Serge Bredewold - Bass
  • Sietse Huisman - Drums
  • Yfke de Jong - Violin


  • Wêr Bisto (demo CD) (released: 1999)
  • Stream (released: June 25th 2001)
  • CD² (released: October 28th 2002)


  • She Couldn't Laugh (released: May 7th 2001)
  • Wêr Bisto (released: October 10th 2001)
  • Children (released: September 2001)
  • This Is How It Is (Belgium only) (released: November 2001)
  • I Need To Know (released: September 30th 2002)
  • Tell Me (released: March 15th 2003)
  • I'll See You (released: June 30th 2003)

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