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Developer(s) Stardock
Stable release
2.0 / October 27, 2008; 9 years ago (2008-10-27)[1]
Development status Active
Operating system Windows Vista (all versions)
Platform Microsoft Windows
Available in English
License Proprietary

Tweak7 (previously TweakVista) is a software tool for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that allows modification of various OS-specific functions, most notably the settings surrounding the Desktop Window Manager, User Account Control and startup programs. A beta version became available in July 2005, with a complete overhaul in June 2007. A Windows 7 version was released in October 2009.

The program offers changes on two levels - a first level for non-technical users with descriptions in "plain language", and a second level for power users.[2] It was recommended by Personal Computer World as "a very useful tool that doesn’t require advanced knowledge."[3]

Tweak7 is developed by Stardock and distributed as part of their Object Desktop suite. It is co-distributed by Advanced PC Media.


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