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Studio album by Enuff Z'nuff
Released November 21, 1994
Recorded 1994
Genre Hard rock
Length 58:35
Label Mayhem Records, Stoney Records
Producer Chip Z'Nuff, Donnie Vie
Enuff Z'nuff chronology
Peach Fuzz
Alternative cover
Alternative cover
Singles from Tweaked
  1. "Bullet From A Gun"
    Released: 1995
  2. "Life Is Strange"
    Released: 1996

Tweaked is the 5th studio album and first independently released collection of new material by American rock band Enuff Z'nuff.

Having been earlier presented as a glam rock band in the midst of the grunge movement, Enuff Z'nuff fought to distinguish their sound for their first proper indie release. Although the singles "Bullet From A Gun" and "Life Is Strange" lean toward a modern alternative sound, other tracks such as "My Heroin," "Without Your Love," and "How Am I Supposed To Write A Love Song" were recorded in more of a blues-rock style.

Remaining songs from Tweaked don't veer far from the formula used on earlier Enuff Z'nuff albums. Songs such as "My Dear Dream," "We're All Alright," and "Has Jesus Closed His Eyes" utilize their obvious past influences of Electric Light Orchestra, Cheap Trick and The Beatles. However, Tweaked does mark a noticeable change in direction in that lead guitar prowess was no longer a highlight. This was either due to changing times or because of the removal of guitar prodigy Derek Frigo from the band.

Tweaked was originally conceived to be half of a Japanese released double album. However, the sessions were eventually split into two records, with the other becoming Chip & Donnie's 'Brothers' (later re-released as Enuff Z'Nuff's Seven in 1997). Artwork varies on some copies of this record due to the controversial image of an Irish funeral procession that is featured on the original release.

Tweaked also marks the return of original guitarist Gino Martino to the band, though he would soon leave the group again due to a disdain for touring. Martino would continue to record occasionally with the band on studio material. The album was eventually re-released in 2000 and 2008.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Donnie Vie and Chip Z'Nuff, except where noted.

  1. "Stoned"
  2. "Bullet From A Gun"
  3. "Mr. Jones" (Ricky Parent, Vie)
  4. "My Dear Dream" (Vie)
  5. "Life Is Strange" (Vie)
  6. "Without Your Love"
  7. "We're All Alright"
  8. "It's Too Late"
  9. "If I Can't Have You"
  10. "Has Jesus Closed His Eyes"
  11. "Style"
  12. "My Heroin" (Z'Nuff)
  13. "How Am I Supposed To Write A Love Song?" (Parent, Vie, Z'Nuff)


Additional personnel[edit]


  • Producing - All songs produced by Chip Z'Nuff and Donnie Vie, except for Track 11 (additional production by Paul Lani) and Track 12 (produced by Chris Shepard).
  • Mixing – Eric Gast, Paul Lani, Paul Shepard, Chris DeMonk
  • Engineering – Chris Shepard, Jeff Luif, Phil Bonanno, Chris DeMonk, Stefon Taylor, Tom Lipnick, Johnny K, Don Grayless, Bub Phillippe, Jim Hoffman & Mike Tholen
  • Mastering - Brian Lee

Release history[edit]

Country Release date
Japan November 21, 1994
United States September 25, 1995