Tweedy Bird Loc

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Tweedy Bird Loc
Birth nameRichard Johnson
Also known asTweedy Bird
Gangsta Tweed
Blood Killa
OriginCompton, California, United States
DiedApril 3, 2020[1]
GenresHip hop
Years active1992–2020
LabelsDangerous Records
Associated actsBloods & Crips, Damu Ridas, Nationwide Rip Ridaz, Young Soldierz, Att Will

Richard Johnson, better known by his stage name Tweedy Bird Loc, was an American rapper from Compton, California. Johnson and producer Ronnie M. Phillips organized the hip hop project Bloods & Crips, a collaboration between members of the California-based Bloods and Crips street gangs.[2] Johnson was a Crip himself, affiliated with the Kelly Park Compton set.[3]

187 Ride By[edit]

Tweedy Bird Loc, with the help of Ronnie Phillips, began recording his solo debut album 187 Ride By in 1992. He was still beefing with Eazy-E at the time; when Tweedy Bird Loc overheard Eazy on an interview saying that he won't sign Tweedy Bird Loc to Ruthless, Tweedy felt very disrespected so he and his fellow rappers Big D Mark, Nini X and Notorious Joe wrote a vicious diss track aimed at Eazy and his manager Jerry Heller, and his protegee Kokane titled "Hoe is a Bitch" in which he attacks and criticizes Eazy of selling out, being sexist towards women, and from Tweed's point of view, brown-nosing his manager Jerry Heller for fame.[citation needed] "Hoe is a Bitch" would eventually be recorded on 187 Ride By.' Eazy-E never responded to the track. Tweedy Bird Loc also aggressively insults the all female hip hop group H.W.A. who were affiliated with Eazy at the time.[citation needed] Kokane and H.W.A. never responded to the track either.

Tweed was also having a feud with Bronx MC Tim Dog for dissing Tweedy's city and the West Coast hip hop scene in general on his "Fuck Compton" track.[citation needed] Tweedy would eventually respond to this with his single "Fucc the South Bronx" (also a diss aimed at other East Coast rappers such as KRS-One), and another Tim Dog diss: "What's Really Goin' On".[citation needed] Tweedy Bird Loc also had a single from 187 Ride By called "Comin' Out the Cage". 187 Ride By was released officially on September 14, 1992.

Besides being a solo rapper, Tweedy is also a producer. He and Ronnie Phillips organized the project Bloods & Crips, a collaboration of gangsta rappers who are members of the gangs, Bloods and Crips. Tweedy produced Bloods & Crips' debut release, Bangin' on Wax in 1993.

Tweedy Bird also helped produce Nini X and her debut album She's Dangerous.[citation needed]

No Holds Barred[edit]

Tweedy Bird Loc started working on his second and last solo album, No Holds Barred in 1994.[citation needed] The album spawned his new single "Walk That Walk".[citation needed] This album had more commercial success than his previous '187 Ride By' album.[citation needed] Tweedy also had a television interview live from Compton.[citation needed]

Tweedy released another diss targeted at Ruthless Records and Eazy-E from No Holds Barred entitled "Y'all Can't Fucc With Us".[citation needed] He also disses MC Ren on the track.[citation needed]

Tweedy also dissed Miami rapper and 2 Live Crew member Luke Campbell on this album in response to his west coast diss song "Cowards In Compton".[citation needed] Tweed responded with his own song, "Fucc Miami".[citation needed] The main reason Tweedy dissed Luke was because Luke dissed his city, although "Cowards In Compton" was not actually aimed at Dangerous Records or Tweedy—Luke targeted the song at Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg as revenge for being dissed by the duo on Dre's song "Fuck wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')" from his 1992 solo debut The Chronic.[citation needed] In early 1995, before Eazy-E's death from AIDS, Tweedy and Eazy-E ended their feud.[citation needed]


Solo albums[edit]

Solo singles[edit]

Year Title Album
1992 "Fu'k the South Bronx" 187 Ride By
"Comin' Out the Cage"
1994 "Walk That Walk" No Holds Barred


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