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Ferple logo
Owner Ferple
Launched April 2010
Current status Deprecated

TweetEmbed is an application powered by Ferple that enables people who use Twitter to create a widget which displays a Twitter status for purposes to share on blogs and webpages.[1] The application has been recognized by MakeUseOf,[2] FeedMyApp[3] and several other well-known application review sites. The service was deprecated on 21 February 2011.[4]


It is designed to look very identical to the Twitter interface and has been built to adopt massively popular features on Twitter such as Retweet, Reply and Verified Users. The application was built using Twitter's API and has enhancements such as highlighting Twitter slang,[5] and the new corporate identification feature introduced by Twitter.[6]


It claims to leverage its own technology to operate the service, Plugfuse within the application however does not state what the technology does or any information about it. Ferple describes the project on the website as "TweetEmbed is a small, lightweight and dynamic tool that's designed to integrate the powerful social tools of today and integrate it with the ability to integrate these tools into other applications and services with lightning fast delegation and cache."[7] and the service offers a basic API for developers to customize the widget for different purposes.[8]