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TweetBot Logo.png
Developer(s) Tapbots LLC
Initial release iPhone: April 14, 2011
iPad: February 8, 2012
Mac: October 18, 2012
Stable release iPhone: 3.6 / May 1, 2015; 2 months ago (2015-05-01)
iPad: 2.8.9 / June 5, 2014; 12 months ago (2014-06-05)
OS X: 2.0 June 4, 2015; 28 days ago (2015-06-04)
Development status Active
Operating system iOS, OS X
Type Twitter client
License Proprietary

Tweetbot is a third party client application for the social networking site Twitter meant for use on Apple Inc.'s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac platforms. The application is available in three versions, one optimized for use with iPhone and iPod Touch, one for the Mac, with another version meant for use exclusively for iPad.


Tweetbot was initially released on April 14, 2011 by Tapbots on the App Store. It was only available for the iPhone at that time. Features have been added to the program over time, including multiple account switching, in-timeline viewing of images and YouTube video thumbnails, push notifications, and the ability to mute certain users and topics in the timeline view temporarily. Customization of two tabs is also available in the application, and updates after the release of iOS 5 have added other features such as left and right swiping of a Twitter message to follow individual conversation threads.[1]

Inherent in Tapbots' design philosophy, the app's slogan is "A Twitter client with personality", which is meant to emulate a friendly robot, as the company's other programs do. The program also has universal syncing through iCloud, allowing for bookmarking between the iPhone, iPad and Mac clients.[2]

On June 11, 2012 Tapbots announced the launch of an alpha version of Tweetbot for Mac. Since October 18, 2012 the final version is available in the Mac App Store, which includes all features of the iOS version.[3]

Subsequently on October 3, 2012 a sister app featuring most of the features of Tweetbot, Netbot, was released by Tapbots for the paid Twitter competitor[4]

On November 19, 2012 Tapbots released version 2.6.1. The notable update in this version was a tweaked user interface, modifying the design of icons and buttons.[5]

On February 4, 2013 Tapbots released version 2.7 of Tweetbot. Added features include support for inline viewing of Vine video clips as well as options to set a default browser for external links.[6] Shortly after, version 2.7.1 was released to fix a bug in the 2.7 update that caused the application to crash at launch for many users.[7]

On October 17, 2013 Tapbots submitted version 3.0 of Tweetbot to the App Store team for review.[8] Version 3.0 is an update to match the new design of iOS 7.

On July 1, 2014 Tapbots updated Tweetbot to version 1.6 for Mac, introducing multiple image upload feature and fixed other minor bugs.[9]

On June 4, 2015, Tapbots announced Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac. The update introduced a new look to match the aesthetic of OS X Yosemite and a new starting price. The update was free for existing users.[10]


PC Magazine praised it for design and customization, but criticized the lack of support for multiple Twitter accounts, an issue that was addressed in later versions.[11] Mac Stories called it "excellent", the reviewer's favorite Twitter client.[12] The Daily Telegraph gave it 4/5 stars.[13] Macworld praised its "impressive" feature set and design.[14]


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